Advanced Biomechanical Analysis 

Our 3 Step Biomechanical Assessment Is the Most Advanced Analysis of Your Body That You'll Ever Need.
Our high-tech analysis allows us to precisely analyse and optimise your Walk, Run, Balance and Pelvic Stability. 

This assessment includes:

3D Biomechanical Gait Analysis
3D Biomechanical Running Analysis
Static Balance Assessment (4 tests)
Dynamic Balance Assessment (4 tests)
Pelvic and Trunk Stability Analysis (2 tests)
Personalised and detailed reports with the breakdown of all your results

The most advanced biomechanical assessment we offer.

In this appointment we will go through a range of assessments to analyse and optimise your walking, running, lower limb balance, pelvic and core stability. 


High-tech analysis to optimise your walk, run, balance and pelvic & core stability.

3D Gait and Running Analysis

As more and more of us take on running as a form of exercises, it's becoming clear that our sedentary lifestyle still has a huge impact on our running technique, often leading to running injuries. We will be able to assess your running technique, with an aim to transform you into a skilled, injury-free runner.

Visit 3D Gait and Running Analysis for more information.

Balance & Stability Assessment

Most injuries to the ankles, knees and hips can affect your balance and stability. Rehabilitation is needed to strengthen the muscles around the joints, as well as developing the proprioception control.

Our training modules will help improve the strength, balance, stability and elasticity of your ankle, knees and hips, with biofeedback in real-time.

Visit Balance & Stability Assessment for more information.

Pelvic and Trunk Stability Analysis

As core weakness and instabilities have been linked to injuries of both the upper and lower extremities, it is widely known that good core training is beneficial in reducing the risk of injuries, improving the athletic performance, helping stabilizing and to align the spine but also increasing general balance and stability.

Visit Pelvic & Core Stability Assessment for more information.

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