Best Things to Do in London With Your Kids

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London can be one of the best options for a family day out, but kids are known to get bored very easily.

London can be one of the best options for a family day out, but kids are known to get bored very easily. So, even in a city with all of the various sights and scenery, there is a strong possibility that your children will still be whinging and give you a tough time. Therefore, when you’re planning a trip to London, you need to account for your kids too.

This involves planning activities throughout the day to keep their brains occupied and their minds focused. Luckily, in a saturated area such as central London, you’re spoilt for choice in terms of fun things to do as a family. Plus, many of them are actually free of charge. However, it’s also important to recognise which ones are enjoyable, and which ones will only increase the boredom factor.

Our practitioners at FORM CLINIC (the ones with kids) have made a list with their kids most favourite places. So, we’ve compiled a short list of the very best things to do in London with your kids, and hopefully, they’ll make the whole family smile…

London Eye

The view from a pod on the London Eye will not only be mesmerising for your children but for you adults too. The London skyline is incredibly iconic, and for good reason too. There are plenty of buildings and illuminations to make you feel amazed. But, the great part is that you get to soak it all in, as the whole cycle lasts for half an hour. You will need to pay, but there are discounts on family tickets.


Shrek’s Adventure

The Shrek’s Adventure is perfect for your little ones, but it will be enjoyable for you too when you see your children having so much fun. Ninety-nine percent of kids love the Shrek films, so why not allow them to travel through Shrek’s world on a 4D fantasy bus journey?

Sea-Life London Aquarium

Sea-Life aquariums are designed with the entire family in mind, and that’s because you can have such a wonderful time in them. Just seeing all of the amazing underwater animals in their natural habitat is enough to keep your kids engaged. But, they can also come face-to-face with most of them, which will up the excitement levels.

London Dungeon

Although this meant to be a reflection of London’s past times, it is brought into the modern day with fantastic actors and actresses. There are a few surprises which may give you a few jumps, so it may be wise to avoid this one if you’ve got particular young children. But, if your kids are older, they will be able to get involved and have time to remember.

The Science Museum

Almost every kid is interested in science, and this museum does an incredible job of making sure every aspect is suitable for children. All of the displays are interactive, and there are a ton of fun facts to learn, so you’ll be glad to know they’ll be occupied for a long period of time. Also, they also have a new space descent VR feature, so you can also travel into space together!

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