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Staying healthy in London is incredibly easy with events and a very active mentality.

London is a city of 7.2 million people. It’s busy, noisy and full of life.

Staying fit and healthy can be a challenge where ever you find yourself. Especially with today’s busy and quick fix society, it’s often impossible to find the balance between work, family and health. But as we find ourselves more stationary and our stress levels are rising day by day, we need to think of ways to stay healthy.

The perks of living in London is that activities to improve your health and fitness can be found almost at every corner. Whether it’s the 5k run on the weekend in Hyde Park or the fitness shop in Marylebone that gives free advice on setting up your bicycle, you will always have a number of things you can be doing during your week to get you fitter and healthier.

A good place to start would be your local park. London is one of those cities that cherishes green spaces, the Royal Parks are a wonder and are incredibly kept. Whether it’s simply walking and enjoying the view, or jogging and getting a little extra cardio, you will find that you are never too far away from a park or green space.

At FORM CLINIC, we often recommend joining a fitness group. Again many of them meet in the park and you can pick the type of fitness group that you’d like to join. They can range from walking partners, dancing groups, HIIT classes and yoga groups.

There are many upbeat and fun classes that you can join, things like Antidote, which are a series of fun classes and workshops based on music and dancing can be a great way to reduce some of the stress that builds up during your day and definitely a better way to spend some of the short autumn and winter evenings in London.

London is famous for its English Tea. You won’t struggle to find places that serve a cocktail of flavours, sandwiches and also a little sweet to keep you going.

Most of us will probably relate when we say that exercising in a gym is not always a fun way to spend your time, especially in a big city like London, do you sign up to the gym close to home? Or the one closer to work? The solution? Pay as you go fitness. This is fast becoming a healthy trend in London. Why not pay only for the days you actually go to the gym? This way you can also pick which gyms you’d like to go to if you feel that the gym closer to work is a better fit for you, but you’d like to also go to the gym closer to your home on the weekend, now you can.

And finally, look after your body. Remember that your health is a journey if you are pushing your body to do more than it’s used to, make sure that you are seeing your London based osteopath or physiotherapist to release those muscles and fix those injuries before they stop you doing what you love.

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