Top 7 Amazing Things to Do in London

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London actually covers quite a large area, but the vast majority of people flock right to the centre.

That’s because the area has so much to offer, and whether you’re with your family, friends or partner, you’ll find something that you can thoroughly enjoy. Plus, London is just one of those places that feature on bucket lists that you just need to tick off.

So, if you need some inspiration for your upcoming trip to London, or you need some slight persuading, here are our top 7 amazing things to do…

Take a selfie in front of Big Ben

Trips are all about creating memories, and the best way to bottle those memories so you don’t forget is to take pictures. Now, when it comes to the centre of London, you’re not going to be short on iconic places to include in your pictures. Although, a fantastic place to start would be in front of the renowned Big Ben clock tower.

Visit the Tower of London

This medieval castle has been around for decades, and it almost epitomises traditional London. Why? Well, because it’s the protector of the Crown Jewels, and you’ll see the famous Beefeaters at the entrance.

Walk through St James Park

If you love scenery, then a gentle stroll through St James Park will be right up your street. Not only is there plenty of wildlife roaming around, such as swans in the lake, but there’s also food stalls and lots of lovely greenery. Also, you can visit Buckingham Palace, which is right next to it, as part of your walk.

Learn about the war in the Winston Churchill War Rooms

For those of you that are deeply interested in the second world war, the Winston Churchill War Rooms are extremely insightful. You’ll get to head underground, and see exactly where the prime minister managed the war from. As you go along, you’ll be gaining plenty of knowledge from the different plaques and audio.

Go up the London Eye

There are very few views that can replicate the one that you’ll get at the highest point of the London Eye’s cycle. In addition, if you’ve been walking all day, it’ll give you a chance to take a rest and recuperate your energy.

Have a tour around the British Museum

Although this says the British Museum, there are tons of artefacts and antiquities from all around the world. Think of things like an Egyptian mummy or an original Greek statue; you’ll truly have a superb time there. You can also come and visit us at FORM CLINIC, as we are only 5 minutes away from the British Museum.

Appreciate fine art at the National Gallery

It’s hard not to look at brilliant pieces of art and think, ‘WOW’. But, the great thing about this gallery is that it is completely free to wander you can spend as much time wondering around as you want. It features paintings, drawings and art from between the 13th and 19th century.

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