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Our 3 Step Biomechanical Assessment Is the Most Advanced Analysis of Your Body Movements That You'll Ever Need.

This assessment includes:

Our state of the art analysis allows us to precisely analyse and optimise your Walk, Run, Balance, Pelvic and Core Stability.

(Combined value of all assessments = £360) 

For a limited time we are offering our loyal clients the chances to book this appointment for only £120!


Three assessments for the price of one!

3D Gait and Running Analysis

As more and more of us take on running as a form of exercises, it's becoming clear that our sedentary lifestyle still has a huge impact on our running technique, often leading to running injuries. We will be able to assess your running technique, with an aim to transform you into a skilled, injury-free runner.

Visit 3D Gait and Running Analysis for more information.

Balance & Stability Assessment

Most injuries to the ankles, knees and hips can affect your balance and stability. Rehabilitation is needed to strengthen the muscles around the joints, as well as developing the proprioception control.

Our training modules will help improve the strength, balance, stability and elasticity of your ankle, knees and hips, with biofeedback in real-time.

Visit Balance & Stability Assessment for more information.

Pelvic and core stability analysis

As core weakness and instabilities have been linked to injuries of both the upper and lower extremities, it is widely known that good core training is beneficial in reducing the risk of injuries, improving the athletic performance, helping stabilizing and to align the spine but also increasing general balance and stability.

Visit Pelvic & Core Stability Assessment for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this benefit me?

Most definitely! If you've had a previous injury in your ankle, knee, hip, pelvis or spine, you'll probably benefit from this assessment, as we'll be able to see how your body is currently functioning post-injury.

If you are currently suffering from an injury, then this assessment is perfect for you, as we will be able to see how this is affecting your movement at the moment.

Will this improve my run?

Yes! This assessment is the perfect tool to see how you are using your body as you walk/run, as well as give you a great insight on how you can improve your gait and run to prevent any injury in the future. 

Our running and gait analysis uses a state of the art 3D camera and 8 sensory contact cells on the belt to analyse your gait/run and give immediate feedback. 

How long does it take? And what should I wear?

Usually takes around 60 minutes!

You can wear your normal sports gear and trainers! Just remember to be comfortable. You are also welcome to change at the clinic if you need!

How can I book my assessment?

Once you've paid for your assessment, you can simply book your appointment online, by chat or phone!

Can I buy this for someone else?

Absolutely! We think these make fantastic presents for loved ones.

You can also buy more than one assessment at a time. So if you want to do the assessment together with your partner, we would be happy to arrange this for you!

Can I buy now and book my appointment later?

You can take advantage of our brilliant offer today and book this assessment at any time over the next 12 months! 

We've had some overwelming feedback.

I was blown away by my running assessment. The new machines are incredible and my physio explained everything so well that I actually understand what's holding me back when I run! I can't recommend enough!! Brilliant! Also the reports are very handy!
Jennifer R.
I had a knee operation 3 years ago and really struggled to get my strength and balance back. My assessment really showed me my weaknesses. I booked in some rehab sessions on the balance trainer and the difference after just 1 session is just extraordinary!
Sam G.
This is amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed my appointment today. Learned so much about my body and how I move. But also had a lot of fun doing my assessment! Needless to say that I will be working on my ankle and hip movements this week! Thank you so much!!!
Lydia C.

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