Low Back Pain Exercise Programs Made Specially for YOU.

If Your Back Pain Is Making You Feel “Broken” And Unable To Do The Things You Want... We’d Like To Help You!

Tailor-Made Exercise Programs To Get You Out of Pain, Increase Your Strength and Flexibility.

We’ll provide you with a fully-working, tailored-for-your-specific-case program that will allow you to reduce your back pain in record time -- with a PROVEN methodology that has helped over 10,000 patients.

If back pain doesn’t allow you to live your life normally, the way you want to it be, then we can definitely help you.

Get A Personalized Back Pain Programs For Long-Lasting Relief

Specialist Consultation 
(90 mins)
Specialist Consultation (90 mins)

A “Tailored-For-You,” Effective Solution

No two people have the same back pain. That’s why “general cures” and “popular advice” simply don’t work for everyone, and you need:
A tailored-to-you, personal, and specific program that will work for your particular backpain case.
The smartphone app, which sends reminders of your daily exercises. Crystal-clear narrated exercise videos in several languages are included as well.
A personalised routine of powerful exercises. Aimed at improving your strength and mobility.
A pain reporting and highly customized program to make sure you get only the BEST results.

Get Better, Quickly and 100% Online

We know that you’re super busy and most of our patients have barely enough time to breathe. So we want to make sure that you make a complete recovery, all in your own time from the comfort of your home. 

Not just that. We'll also work with you over the course of the program to build your back and core strength, as well as your flexibility, giving you the best chance at living without back pain in the future.


World-class rehabilitation using the very latest in rehab technology.

Most injuries to the ankles, knees and hips can affect your balance and stability. Rehabilitation is needed to strengthen the muscles around the joints, as well as developing the proprioception control.

Our training modules will help improve the strength, balance, stability and elasticity of your ankle, knees and hips, with biofeedback in real time.

Real and Lasting Relief

We understand that back pain can prevent you from doing the things you love, even simple and small things like leaning down to grab something from the floor or even sleeping peacefully.

But today you can start reversing it in a safe and, more importantly, effective way.
Our patients report being able to able to go to the gym, start running, and even the simple things like lifting their kids up, become much easier for them.
We aren’t offering a “quick fix;” we do provide you with the right exercises and tools to eventually improve and reverse back pain -- but only if you’re totally committed to the program.

Great Support

We believe that excellent support results in excellent results. That’s why you’ll get:

5-Star Support, you can connect with us (anytime you want) via email, chat and also video support.

The support you’ll enjoy will be offered by top-notch professionals (physiotherapist, physical therapists and osteopaths).

Ready to book?

You can book online or speak to us directly on 020 7099 7730
10-12 Bourlet Close, London, W1W 7BR
020 7099 7730 | [email protected]

10-12 Bourlet Close
London, W1W 7BR
020 7099 7730
[email protected]

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