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Craig Hoile

Sports Rehabilitation Specialist

Craig’s background is in Sports Rehabilitation, he has more than 8 years of experience working with elite football players, applying specific rehabilitation techniques for running injury treatment and prevention, creating and implementing performance improvement programmes such as running, mobility and endurance training.

Craig uses a combination of manual therapy and exercises as part of his rehabilitation programmes, he believes it helps to maintain the right balance between training and recovery. This includes soft tissue massage, joint mobilisations, neuromuscular electro therapy and kinesiology taping where necessary to assist in movement encouraging blood flow into the area and essentially a speedy recovery.

He is vastly experienced within the fitness industry, training people for running events, working with athletes on their recovery programmes and providing necessary support on day to day fitness and mobility for everyone in need.


Swimming, cycling, running (triathlon), podcasting and gym.


Craig has worked in professional football teams as well as a number of elite rehabilitation clinics in London. He works with a wide range of demographic from 20s to 70s.
Sports Rehabilitation Specialist and Running Specialist


- MSc. (Hons) Sports Rehabilitation
- Diploma in Nutrition
- Level 3 / 4 Sports Massage Therapy


- Gait Re-Education
- Running Related Injuries
- Postural Rehabilitation
- Sports Injuries & Biomechanics
- Corrective Exercise Prescription

Craig's Treatments

Sports Rehabilitation

Advanced Biomechanical Analysis

Craig's Clinics

Moor Park

State-of-the-art Moor Park clinic is located in Moor Park Golf Club and is easily accessible from Rickmansworth, Northwood, Watford, Bushey and Pinner.

Moor Park Golf Club

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