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3D Gait & Running Analysis

3D Gait & Running Analysis

3D Gait & Running Analysis

As more and more of us take on running as a form of exercise, it's becoming clear that our sedentary lifestyle still has a significant impact on our running technique, often leading to running injuries.

Our Running & Gait assessments are designed to help you reach your goals, whether you are preparing for a marathon, your first 5K run or if you've just started running for the first time.

Your assessment will provide you with the knowledge and data you need to transform you into a skilled, injury-free runner.

Would I benefit from a running assessment?
Our running assessments are for all runners; whether you are running your first 5km, already an elite runner, or running a marathon for the first time, we will be able to assess your running technique.
I have a running injury. Can I do a running assessment?
Yes. We treat many running injuries at the clinic, from acute to chronic. Our high-tech 3D running analysis allows us to precisely analyse and optimise your running technique to prevent future injuries.
Can you assess or treat my running injury?
We treat a wide range of running-related injuries; these include:

- Achilles tendinopathy
- Ankle sprains
- ITB syndrome
- Plantar fasciitis
- Patella-femoral pain
- Patellar tendinitis
- Stress fractures
- Shin splints
- Strained muscles

If you are unsure if you should do the running assessment with your injury, feel free to contact us, and one of our specialists will discuss your case.
How can we help you run injury free?
The running assessment uses real-time biomechanical analysis of your lower limb and trunk, allowing our running specialists to analyse your running technique and the impact on your body.

Our running specialists will then offer advice, treatment, and programmes to get you out of injury and prevent you from getting running injuries in the future.
Who will perform my gait and running assessment?
Our gait and running assessments are performed by our team of physiotherapists, osteopaths and sports therapists.

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What to expect from your Gait & Running Assessment?

Our running analysis uses state of the art 3D camera to analyse your run and give immediate and objective feedback
Running Asssessment
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Tell your running specialist what you would like to achieve, whether that be improving your running performance or rehabilitation of a running injury.
We will then go through a short physical examination and get you to walk and run on our 3D running analytic equipment to assess your movement.
How does your body movement impact your running? We will discuss the relevant points from your assessment.
We will come up with the right advice, guidance and programme for you going forward.

Data to understand exactly how you run.

Below are the different types of data we collect during your gait & running assessment; this information helps us find the perfect plan for your journey.
Stride Length
Contact Time
Real-Time Range of Motion (R.O.M) 
Centre of Pressure
Load Symmetry
Stride Length
Stride length and step length can be important data to diagnose a problem with your running or a condition that could be causing an issue with your gait.

For example, Increased stride length is associated with an increased risk of tibial stress fractures in runners. We will be able to highlight particular asymmetries between the two sides of the body.
Contact Time
The ground contact time is defined as the time from when the foot contacts the ground to when the foot toes off the ground. It is an important metric to track and analyse; it plays a significant role in optimising your running efficiency and form.

Some interesting studies have demonstrated the importance of minimal ground contact to running performance. The fastest runners tend to have the shortest ground contact times.

Training specifically to reduce your ground contact time is an effective way to improve your running.
Real-Time Range Of  Motion(R.O.M)
Running is similar to walking in terms of locomotor activity. However, there are some key differences as it requires a greater joint range of movement.

Therefore, it is relevant to detect potential asymmetries and biomechanical faults that may pre-dispose you to injury.
Centre Of Pressure
During your performance, the centre of pressure displacement is a reliable measure of running efficiency.

Vertical displacement during running has critical implications for injury mechanics and energetics.
Load Symmetry
Throughout your running assessment, any imbalance in load is constantly measured.

Load symmetry is often highlighted as a risk factor for running injuries.

An imbalance in load can be due to differences in muscle strength, motion, flexibility, balance, and mechanics between the two sides of the body.
Cadence is the number of steps you take during a given period and is typically measured per minute (SPM).

Cadence is a very influential biomechanical variable for injuries and performance. Not only that, but it is one of the easiest things to manipulate.

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