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Dietetics and Nutrition

Form Clinic is here to help you meet your diet goals, so you can better your health and feel good about it.

Dietetics and Nutrition

Dietetics involves applying the science of nutrition to provide detailed information on particular food selection and the construction of diets to promote optimum health for patients and to support patient’s medical conditions and diseases.

Our professional dietetics and nutrition specialist Maria Simmons is passionate about nutrition and the role it plays in optimising health and well-being. She aims to empower people to make positive changes and develop a healthy relationship with food.

As a registered Specialist Dietitian Maria with over 15 years of experience offers outpatient clinics for adults and children to help and empower them to adapt their diet using up to date evidence-based research on food, health and disease to protect their health or to manage specific conditions and support you in adjusting your diet to help you improve your health.

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Who is this treatment for?
Nutrition consultation can be suitable for everyone who is looking to improve their lifestyle, nutrition and general wellbeing by learning more about the benefits of healthy food and how the right choice can assist with specific health conditions, affect their energy level, hormones and physical abilities.
What issues can nutrition experts help with?
We offer advice and expertise to a wide range of nutritional services including: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, digestive problems (e.g. irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, coeliac disease), nutrition during cancer treatment (including symptom management, optimisation and survivorship). We provide a personally tailored diet that is based on your individual needs and preferences.
What treatment will I receive?
When you come in to see one of our dietitians for the first time, you will notice a very welcoming but hands-on approach to all aspects of treatment.
Our gold-standard dietitian appointment will include detailed nutritional consultation and (if required) body measurements. After that you will receive a conclusion and the followup plan.
Taking one step at the time, offering disciplined supervision of our experts we will lead and support you all the way through.
Our aim is to provide sustainable diet plans together with information on the science of nutrition and foods to patients that can be followed long term and become part of your everyday routine.

What happens during my first appointment?

Step by step guide on bettering your lifestyle
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Getting to know you
Our nutritionist will start by taking a thorough medical history to understand you better.
Understanding you
Then an examination and diagnosis of your nutritional routine are made to help us analyse.
Assessing how to impove
We will start your assessment by analysing your daily routine, food and eating habits, weight and body measurements, health concerns, goals, and needs. We can tailor a diet that will goals with this help reach you.

Our Dietetians

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