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Our fantastic physiotherapists will work with you to reduce your pain, resolve your injury and make sure it doesn't return.


Our experienced physios are some of London's best and specialise in the treatment of back pain, neck pain, sports injuries and much more.

Physiotherapist are able to treat a wide range of health conditions among them are problems related to joints, muscles, ligaments and soft tissues.

Our team treats some of the world's sporting elite, including Olympians, Footballers, Rugby Players, Tennis and Golf players.

Our physio's use a combination of manual therapy and highly specialised rehabilitation therapy, to not only get you back on your feet quicker but to keep you there for good.

Our physiotherapist are recognised by most of the leading private health insurances providers, including BUPA, Simplyhealth, WPA, Allianz and Cigna.

You can book a physiotherapy appointment at our Central London clinic.

Who is physiotherapy for?
Physiotherapy can be suitable for everyone. Whether you've recently hurt your back, or have been struggling with a knee injury for awhile. Our physio's are experts in pain management. Treating a wide range of conditions on a daily basis.
What issues can physiotherapy help with?
- Neck pain, headaches & migraines
- Aches & pains
- Shoulder Impingement
- Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder)
- Joint pain, dislocation, instability
- Muscle spasms
- Tendonitis and tendon tears
- Muscle weakness and muscle tears
- Post fracture
- Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries including Whiplash
- Sprains and Strains
- Following Joint Surgery to repair meniscus, tendons, ligaments (e.g. ACL)
- Bursitis
- General Fatigue and Deconditioning
- Arthritic pain
- Disc injuries
- Back pain & Sciatica
- Elbow pain, Tennis Elbow, Golfer's Elbow
What happens during my first appointment?
Your practitioner will start by taking a thorough medical case history. Followed by an examination and diagnoses of your injury. They will go through their findings with you and then with your permission, start your treatment.
What treatment will I receive?
When you come in to see one of our physiotherapist for the first time, you will notice a very hands-on approach to all aspects of treatment.

Our osteopaths have undergone extensive postgraduate training, making them masters of their crafts. Some of our osteopaths have at least two healthcare degrees.

Our gold-standard physio appointment will include hands-on physical treatment and tissue manipulation. It will also almost always include a rehab program to correct your movements and posture, getting you out of pain quicker and making sure you are pain-free for good.
Do you offer emergency appointments or physio at home?

We offer physiotherapy emergency appointments and physiotherapy home visit appointment, 7 days a week.

Excellent treatment, great value.

Get your assessment and first treatment session for £110. 

And a course of 5 treatments form £300.

Our Physiotherapist

Nick Charlish

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