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Lifestyle Medicine

Our specialists are here to help better your quality of life.

Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine using science to better your health and well being for the future.

The Chief Medical Officer’s report (2020) states that the average person in the UK can expect to spend 15 years suffering from a chronic illness such as diabetes, heart disease, dementia, chronic lung disease or cancer. 

The World Health Organisation states that over 80% of these chronic illnesses and 40% of cancers would be prevented by making different lifestyle choices. This is incredibly empowering as it means we can make small changes regularly that improve our chances of healthy longevity! These same changes not only improve health in the long-term, they also help people to feel and look better now.

Qualified Lifestyle Medicine Physicians are trained to help motivate individuals to make the best evidence-based lifestyle choices, and to help them to prioritise lifestyle changes that have a solid scientific rationale to prevent and even reverse chronic illness.

Who is lifestyle medicine for?
Anyone trying to lead a life with better health and wellbeing. If you have a health condition we are here to help.
How can lifestyle medicine help?
Lifestyle medicine is an approach to prevent and treat diseased backed by scientific evidence. This treatment focuses on the underlying cause of the disease rather then the symtoms.
What happens during my first appointment?
Your practitioner will start by taking a thorough medical case history. Followed by an examination and diagnoses of your injury. They will go through their findings with you and then with your permission, start your treatment.  
What treatment we offer?
- Reverse/improve diabetes & pre-diabetes
- Reverse/improve high cholesterol
- Reverse/improve high blood pressure
- Improve inflammatory conditions eg rheumatoid arthritis, gout
- Optimise lifestyle following diagnosis of cancer
- Achieve and maintain a healthy weight
- Optimise your lifestyle to achieve healthy longevity
- Gain tools to manage your stress
- Improve your sleep
- Optimise your nutrition for long-term health
Do you offer virtual appointments?
Yes, we offer both face to face appointments, as well as virtual appointments.

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What to expect with Lifestyle Medicine?

A walkthrough of your journey to a healthy lifestyle.
Lifestyle medicine and wellnes
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Discovery Consultation
During this consultation, our specialist will go through what packages we offer to find out which one suits what you want the most , also the procedure of our service and what different aspects of your life we can improve , such as diet, exercise and more so you can make sure this is right investment for you.
Decision Time
After your consultation, you will then have to decide if you would like to go through with this service, by selecting one of the packages offered by our specialists, by purchasing the package either online or at our clinic.
Understanding you
Before your first paid appointment we will ask you to complete some questionnaires about your current health status, a food diary and some other information that is useful so we are able to create a detailed picture of your health. Therefore we can review these in advance and utilise your appointment time optimally.


Discovery call (Online)

20 minutes

Be certain that this is the investment for you.
See how you could benefit from Lifestyle Medicine. Find out what we do, how it works, and if we would be a good fit for this journey together.


Initial assessment

(60 mins)

A full medical history as well as a full dietary, sleep, stress and physical activity assessment. At the end we will prioritise your health goals and create an individualised plan with a suggested timeframe.


(60 mins) 

After your inital assessment, this is for whenever you feel you need support toward your health goals.


Kickstart Package

(4 x 45 minutes @£175/session)

Springboard your health with one month of weekly, 45 minute sessions.
Prioritise, optimise and move health to the forefront of your focus.

Typically 1 month of weekly sessions, but interval between sessions can be adjusted in agreement with the doctor


Health Boost Package

(8 x 45 minutes @£165/session)

Create healthy lifestyle habits with a holistic health and wellbeing package that will get you on track with your health goals.

Typically 2 months of weekly sessions, but interval between sessions can be adjusted in agreement with the doctor


Elevate Package

(12 x 45 minutes @£155/session)

Your 3 month, in-depth holistic health package. Weekly consultation to overhaul and optimize every aspect of your health and wellbeing.

Typically 3 months of weekly sessions, but interval between sessions can be adjusted in agreement with the doctor

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